Instant-on Linux distro boots in 10 seconds

LinDVD is a stripped-down Linux distro designed to boot in 10 seconds or less, for use in consumer-electronics-style devices, like DVD players. It's designed for dual-booting with modern Windows flavors, so that you can choose to boot your PC as an entertainment console (fast) or as a workstation (slow).

InterVideo developed the InstantOn technology in collaboration with Intel, IBM and Sony. Its system lets LinDVD and Windows coexist in the same computer, running on a Pentium 4 processor and a minimum of 128 megabytes of RAM. When the "on" button is pressed, the software loads in less than10 seconds, giving all but instant access to TV, CDs or DVD movies.

MP3s, photos and videos filed by Windows will also be accessible in this mode. But if the user wants to do some work, they use a remote control to switch off the LinDVD software and the PC re-boots to run Windows.


(via Gizmodo) [Boing Boing Blog]

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