Commodore brand makes a comeback

commodore 64Commodore brand is making a comeback, sort of: "One of the oldest computer games brands, Commodore, has been resurrected by its Dutch parent firm Tulip as a new iTunes-like label for a variety of media services which includes legitimate music downloads and online games emulation.Via a new site,, users can access a variety of new Commodore-branded services, including downloadable games and music services. Music costs E0.99 a track, while the games service offers a variety of subscriptions, starting from E4.99 to download, emulate and play five old Commodore 64 games from the likes of Epyx ... The Commodore 64 is acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest selling home computer of all time with approximately over 30 million units shipped during it’s lifetime. The Commodore 64’s unique architecture meant that upon its release in 1982 it was far superior to any gaming system that was then available to the consumer and as such became the de-facto games machine for a generation. Twenty-two years after it’s first release the Commodore 64 is still incredibly popular and boasts an unrivalled fan base of more than 6 million loyale Commodore users, with literally hundreds of websites existing to pay homage to the machine and its games." amiga500It's a widely unheralded fact that Commodore won the first generation computer wars against competitors such as TI, Apple, and Atari, and a shame that the company couldn't have fared better with its superior Amiga system. The fact that there are still 6 million people using the C64 speaks volumes to it popularity.

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