WEB: The New Hard Disk

Okay, let me get this straight...

My GMail account is good for 1GB. I could probably use some of my next invites to get myself a few more accounts, let's say 4. It seems reasonable. That's 5GB of e-mail storage.

My Yahoo Mail Plus account has 2GB of storage (employee perk). I could add a few more "normal" Y! Mail accounts at 100MB each. 10 would get me another gig, bringing my Yahoo total to 3GB and my grand total to 8GB.

The upcoming Hotmail upgrades will bring 250MB per account. I could sign up for, oh... 8 of those and get another 2GB. That'd be 10GB total.

All for "free."

I still remember filling up my first 1GB hard disk and being pretty pissed that it would have cost about $1,200 to get another. Yeah, it was a 5 1/4" inch full height Segate SCSI disk. A real brick and a half. I traded a whole laptop for it.

Nowadays, I just need to turn my files into e-mail attachments and store them on my various free e-mail accounts.

Or I could wait a couple months and use the freely available software that manages all this for me. Heck, maybe someone will write a Linux kernel module that presents it as a virtual filesystem.

If this "Internet Operating System" and Web 2.0 stuff is really happening, I think I've just found the filesystem we'll all be using--in one form or another. [via Jeremy Zawodny]

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