Canaletto - António Champalimaud

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Uma fantástica colecção de de arte foi recentemente a leilão no Christie's. Propriedade de António Champalimaud, incluía uma obra de Canaletto, cujo valor estava estimado entre 4 e 6 Milhões de euros.

"This superb collection was assembled by Antonio Champalimaud over a long period of time, commencing in the 1950s. It was essentially a very personal quest on his part, to create enjoyment for his family and those close to him, and was in contrast to his immensely distinguished public life as a financier and entrepreneur of international stature, and his munificent philanthropic activities which benefited Portugal.

Inspired by the dix-huitième, Antonio Champalimaud assembled a remarkable ensemble of French pictures of the 18th century by a constellation of major artists including Boucher, Fragonard, Hubert Robert and Greuze. Another passion was Italian vedute, represented by works by Francesco Guardi and Canaletto, whose spectacular view of The Bucintoro at the Molo on Ascension Day dominated the staircase of the hôtel particulier in Lisbon that he restored with such dedication."

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