Desabafos urbanos

[...] Today I had a déjà vu whilst in traffic. There she was. That crazy woman with her tweezers in action again. Not only was she not plucking her eyebrows today but she was plucking her neck. Yes her neck!! What the fuck is there to pluck in your neck? Is it possible that this woman has hair growing in her neck that needs to be plucked at 8am in her car and on her way to work that early in the morning? You really do see the strangest things whilst stuck in traffic. In a way you also learn what NOT to do… I mean I’ve seen all sorts of things sitting in my car; I’ve seen people picking their noses, shaving, putting on makeup, reading a book (that I must confess I do… sometimes), speaking on the phone (this also), singing (that I always do), you get men blinking their eye at you, with a stupid smile on their face expecting you to smile back in approval, what the fuck do they think? That you will open up your window and pass them your phone number… I mean get real. Oh well, you can either ignore them or simply give them the finger… but plucking your chin and neck was a first for me. And not a pretty sight I must confess. [...] via softmind

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There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?
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