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Ainda há dias neste post, falava do facto da tecnologia que actualmente permite co-relacionar quase tudo. Pois bem, na sequência, mais uma notícia:

Unlaunched photo organizing site Riya is rumored to be talking with Google about a big dollar buyout. The startup has facial recognition technology so it can tag photos based on who’s in them automagically. The price being talked about is a cool $40 million, more than Flickr fetched from Yahoo (even though Flickr was very popular at the time of a buyout and Riya is just in its first stages of launch.) Riya’s launch party takes place tomorrow night and will surely be a popular affair with everyone in the valley. Via Malik

Adicionalmente aos posts Big Google, Google Earth, Google Grid e Google Analytics, esta é mais uma contribuição para a teoria de world domination. Parece que desta vez o Google não lançou um serviço idêntico, mas prepara-se para adquirir a empresa que o fez.

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