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Ultimamente andamos na onda da fotografia aqui no blog... Hoje evocamos um dos grandes: David Seymor, aliás Chim. Nasceu em Varsóvia, na Polónia, foi um dos fundadores da Agência Magnum conjuntamente com Henri-Cartier-Bresson e Robert Capa e, tal como este último, deixou-nos prematuramente ao fazer uma reportagem de guerra. Os retratos sobre as vítimas civis dos conflitos foram temas frequentes da sua objectiva. Para ele as guerras eram sobretudo um enorme crime contra as crianças. Poucos fotógrafos terão uma objectiva tão humana como Chim...

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Em 1966, dez anos após a sua morte, Henri Cartier-Bresson escrevia estas palavras sobre ele:

Chim, like Robert Capa, was a Parisian from Montparnasse. He had the intelligence of a chess player; with the air of a math teacher he applied his vast curiosity and culture to a great number of subjects. We had been friends since 1933. The precision of his critical spirit had rapidly become indispensable to those around him. Photography to him was a pawn that he moved all over the chessboard of his intelligence. (...) His perspicacity, his very delicacy often gave him a sad, even disabused smile, which brightened if one humored him. He gave and demanded much human warmth. He had so many friends everywhere; he was a born godfather. (...) He accepted the servitudes of his profession and turned out to be brave in situations that seemed utterly foreign to his personality. Chim picked up his camera the way a doctor takes his stethoscope out of his bag, applying his diagnosis to the condition of the heart; his own was vulnerable.

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