Leituras Simples

Se conseguir ler as primeiras palavras o cérebro decifrará automaticamente as outras...

3M UM D14 D3 V3R40, 3574V4 N4 PR414, 0853RV4ND0 DU45 CR14NC45 8R1NC4ND0 N4 4R314. 3L45 7R484LH4V4M MU170 C0N57RU1ND0 UM C4573L0 D3 4R314, C0M 70RR35, P4554R3L45 3 P4554G3NS 1N73RN45. QU4ND0 3575V4M QU453 4C484ND0, V310 UM4 0ND4 3 D357RU1U 7UD0, R3DU21ND0 0 C4573L0 4 UM M0N73 D3 4R314 3 35PUM4..

4CH31 QU3, D3P015 D3 74N70 35F0RC0 3 CU1D4D0, 45 CR14NC45 C41R14M N0 CH0R0, C0RR3R4M P3L4 PR414, FUG1ND0 D4 4GU4, R1ND0 D3 M405 D4D45 3 C0M3C4R4M 4 C0N57RU1R 0U7R0 C4573L0. C0MPR33ND1 QU3 H4V14 4PR3ND1D0 UM4 GR4ND3 L1C40; G4574M05 MU170 73MP0 D4 N0554 V1D4 C0N57RU1ND0 4LGUM4 C0154 3 M415 C3D0 0U M415 74RD3, UM4 0ND4 P0D3R4 V1R 3 D357RU1R 7UD0 0 QU3 L3V4M05 74N70 73MP0 P4R4 C0N57RU1R. M45 QU4ND0 1550 4C0N73C3R 50M3N73 4QU3L3 QU3 73M 45 M405 D3 4LGU3M P4R4 53GUR4R, 53R4 C4P42 D3 50RR1R!! S0 0 QU3 P3RM4N3C3 3 4 4M124D3, 0 4M0R 3 C4R1NH0. 0 R3570 3 F3170 D3 4R314.

(Obrigado Helder)

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There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?
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