A different form of poetry

 Poesia Oculta Livro Alterado Pintar  Poesia Oculta Livro Alterado Pintar

There are truly brilliant ideas, which surpass for their simplicity. In turn simplicity has beauty of its own, because it changes easily unquestionable. Day to day I am confronted with diverse sites on the net, with immense diversity and interest. However, since this was completely different, it fascinated me.

The idea: discover poetry.
The place: on the pages of any book.
The method: hiding the irrelevant content
The result: A masterpiece.

Basically, stick to the pages of a book, hide all the irrelevant content and try to form poetry with the words. Some pages, like the ones on top, are an authentic work of art in terms of color, graphics and morphology. Its also delicious to see a meaning emerge, allied with the own graphic composition of the page. As you may imagine, the combinations are endless, and they make us think in the amount of books and pages we already read, and consequently, the poetry disguised which could have passed us by.


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