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One of the biggest problems with life in society is flatulence. This name assigns in a scientific, pompous and almost euphemistic way gases formed in the intestine and expelled through the anus. During a very long time solutions for this problem were being searched. An ideal solution would certainly be to find an isolated place but, due to the lack of this, a vulgar crack could be disguised as environmental noise or, if it were too noisy, with a deliberately synchronized burst.

We start with the presupposition that such expelled air does not contain sulfur, and therefore, is relatively odorless. The case is mucho more complicated is such chemical substance is present because its scent is intense and unpleasant. And in the case of stinks, even though now it is silent, they leave an indelible mark in the air that betrays the guilty one. Several strategies have been developed like the indignant protest of its author but they never turn out well (he who complains is the one who launches the flame, so they say). But now, thanks to technology, things no longer need to be this way.

 technology underwear wind Humour fun flatulence

Judging by an article in the Sun in the market nowadays there is underwear with a filter destined for chronic flatulence. The article, kindly assigned for gas eaters, is commercialized by the company Under Tec for both sexes in different sizes. Elastic waist and the legs turn them into blocks but that´s not where we find its highest value: in its interior we find a multi layer filter with a carbon center which neutralizes bad odors. The filter is renewable and the underwear can be machine washed like any other under garment. If treated right they can last up to several months. The company wants to emphasize that this is a serious article...

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