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The concern of some centers of research for the improvement of Man-Machine and everything surrounding interface has become more noticeable. From a simple home appliance, to the most advanced medical equipment, sometimes, the true importance of technology is only seen through a friendly and well defined interface. The course of this last decade has been truly hallucinatory, with tremendous improvements not only functionality, whether interacting with a computer, or machine.

When we watched specific fiction films which we loved, aside from all the extra care in production they took to create in a us a "WOW" effect, we had some conscience that, aside from our will to accept what we were about to see, we were definitely before fiction that would exist in a world we were not part of. By chance, that world is not so distant when we judge it...

A look at some technology that definitely which will mark our life in a few years, or an area of interface, or in technological innovation.

“Assist Sketch Understanding System”

Com a assinatura do MIT

"Multiuser Interaction"

"Camuflagem Óptica"

HAL(Hybrid Assistive Limb) from Cyberdine

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