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Unless you've been living in an extremely remote place in the world, you've already heard the term "metrosexual". They're people who ooze a lifestyle of culture,fashion, appearence, in touch with their feminine side. Neologisms aside, it was with some humour that I have stumbled upon this term, that is completely new to me.

For many years, the informatic fans are nicknamed with very unflattering names, mostly derived from English. Words like "Geek", "Nerd" and "Techi" have always reflected the style, dressing sense and very peculiar tastes of this group of people, with very special abilities. Yet, I must admit, I have always wondered if there was a more... substancial term to describe this type of people.

I stumble, then, upon a definition of Technosexual at Wikipedia, that, it seems to me, perfectly describes the rare qualities of this type of people. Let's take a look:

1 - A person (usually a male) with a strong aesthetic sense and a love of gadgets. In this sense, it is a portmanteau word combining "technophile" and "metrosexual". Technosexuality as such has been described by a promoter as "a dandyish narcissist in love with not only himself, but also his urban lifestyle and gadgets; a straight man who is in touch with his feminine side but has fondness for electronics such as cell phones, PDAs, computers, software, and the web."

2 - A person with a sexual attraction to machinery, as in the case of robot fetishism. When used thusly, it is a portmanteau word combining "technophile" and "sexual". Occasionally, this term is used as an insult, implying in a derogatory way that a person would prefer a sex toy to an actual sexual partner.

So, are you a Technosexual? :)

Lindstrom - Feel Space

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