Drobo – A new concept of external disk

 Drobo Robo Discos Seguranca RAID Storage

Drobo – One of the most sensational products I’ve seen lately. One of the biggest problems nowadays undoubtedly is the storing of large volume of data safely, flexibility and easy operation. Recently I talked about a Mempile technology which is capable of storing 1TB of information in a DVD, referring to the fact that it’s possible to have this capacity in a single CD by now, responded to the volume of data and flexibility, all that’s left to find out is how safety and longevity will be handled.

When we talk about the use of safe hard disks, we usually await with RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks), that through the combination of several physical units provide us a logic unit for storing our data. If by chance one of the diks should fail, the concept guarantees that our data won’t be lost, for there is duplicated and distributed information that prevent this loss. Meanwhile prices of disks tend to lower, and sometime, we feel the need to make upgrades to the disks we have, being that operation always complex for the user least accustomed to this activity. Typically we have to move the data somewhere else, format the disks and reconfigure al over again, preferably without losing anything and without making any mistakes.

It is here that the concept of Drobo enters. The problem of the complexity of RAID (to many) is not resolved, as it takes care of all the configurations needed without the intervention of the user. The user only have to worry about buying the disk and plug into Drobo. Everything else is absolutely transparent, independently of the kind of the disks. By now it supports SATA disks and it’s available with an USB interface… Making Pedro Melo’s my own words, I’m looking forward for a NAS version.

The fabricant’s vídeo de demonstration video is worth watching… really interesting.

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