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 Vaticano Ceu Limbo Inferno teologia Dante Domenichino
Domenichino, Mary Magdalene assumption into heaven

In the V century Saint Augustine declared that all the babies by chance die before receiving the sacrament of baptism, would go to hell. During the middle age the idea was attenuated and a softer destiny was suggested, the limbo. Dante’s Divine Comedy describes the limbo as the first circle of hell, also inhabited by the great thinkers of Greece an Rome as well as Islamic philosophers.

However, many catholics believe that the limbo is a place where eternity is spent in a “natural” state of happiness but without god’s presence. An International Theology Commission headed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger until his ascension to Pope, recently completed a research related with the state of the babies that died without baptism.

Since then much has occurred behind the scenes and last Friday a document was published (see article) where the subject limbo became a pastoral urgent case due to the frightening increase of children deceased without the mentioned sacrament, specially in Africa and other parts of the world where Catholicism is growing in competition with other confessions. The justification given to the families of the recently deceased children is that they may not enter heaven, they shall remain in limbo.

This document places the problem in a completely different perspective hoping or stipulating that children go to heaven, obliterating the concept of limbo. If the recommendations are to be taken in account we can expect that in the sequence of a eventual, official deliberation, we will see a large number of souls leave limbo on their way to heaven…and, according to Dante, we will also see a large number of thinkers and philosophers get closer to God as well...

My friends: times of change...big revolutions up above are expected!

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