The cure for Alzheimer´s disease

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Some specialists are testing a new drug that might have the ability of reversing every symptom of Alzheimer's disease, in a matter of minutes. British scientists claim that it is too early to take reliable conclusions, because tests have only been carried out in a small number of patients, yet, and can't be generalised or the drug seen as being, in fact, an efficient cure.

The treatment consists of an injection of a drug called Enbrel, which is usually used in the treatment of arthritis. The drug acts through the obstruction of a chemical that is responsible for the inflammation. At least one of the patients who was submitted to this treatment saw his symptoms completely gone in just a few minutes, while others have improved substantially in their ability to memorize recent facts, with the administration of weekly injections.

Various articles have been released in the media about this issue. For those unfortunate enough to have direct contact with this terrible disease, here's a bit of hope.

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