The face of globalization #2

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The face of São Paulo

Some time ago, I noticed this fantastic photographic essay by South African Mike Mike. The question is simple: What is the face of London, New York or Paris? How can an inhabitant of these cities be told apart from the rest of the world? Is there a trait that sets him aside?

"The Face of Tomorrow" is a photographic essay that tries to identify the aspects of a globalized identity. The large metropolis are like magnets for immigrants from all over the world. People who, in every way they can, try to find a better quality of life for themselves and their children. The most obvious effect of immigration is racial and social diversity that, with some criteria, mixes with and fades its particular traits, creating generalist masses. For example, the mixture of a white race with a black race results in the growth of bi-racial people.

 Photography Essay Culture Face Globalization Global
The face of Rio de Janeiro

If we observe a certain region for a short period of time, we might not reach any conclusion and/ or characteristic. But, suppose that tendency, that mix, continues for hundreds of years. Is there, in fact, a particular trait that is typical of a metropolis?

This essay, through the mixing of photos of inhabitants of a large metropolis, tries to find the trait that will create a common face. Biased or not, when I looked into the face of the metropolis I am most familiar with, São Paulo, it was obvious to me that I was looking a very familiar face.

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The face of Lisboa

2007041800 Londres Picture 2
The face of London

Visit The Face of Tomorrow. It's worth it!

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