The future is now

 Future technology fiction science medicine bionics

What if we discovered that a new limited non polluting energy source? What if we were able to colonize other planets? What if we found extraterrestrial life forms? What if a worldwide revolution occurred? What if money was extinct? What if every inhabitant of the planet had minimum productivity? What if women had more power? What if western societies became vegetarians? What if schools were suppressed and replaced by free learning?

Plus: What if teletrabalho was generalized? What if our cities disappeared? What if only a worldwide government existed? What if they discovered climatic weapons? What if Islam was imposed as a big worldwide religion? What if hunger was eradicated from the world and it gave way to overpopulation? And if we were able to capture and register thoughts and emotions in a digital support and call our brain a super computer?

 Future technology fiction science medicine bionics

 Future technology fiction science medicine bionics

These are only a few questions we make nowadays and that reflect our concerns and curiosity concerning the future. L'arbre de Possibles is a Project by Bernard Werber who tries to imagine future scenarios for Humanity, future optimists, pessimists, short or long term. There is a Little bit of everything, from nave proposals to utopian proposals (there is a chapter assigned exclusively to utopia) the most well founded which represent concrete possibilities; others will soon become reality.

This site is literally structured as an interactive tree in which each branch represents a determined dominium: technology, society, philosophy, economy, biology, etc., forming an entanglement that comprehends all human knowledge. Visitors are invited to participate leaving their vision of the future. The content, beyond stimulating imagination, is an invitation for reflection. It is necessary to speak French, a language with future judging from this example...

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