Does God inhabit our brain?

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Ascension of Christ, Salvador Dali

Imagine that with the simple rolling of a button we could control the operation of our brain accomplishing, for example, to magically disappear the deprivation of toxic dependence, the increase of speed capacity or reasoning itself or even increasing memory capacity.

Imagine a machine capable of inducing mystical states of conscience and providing us with "virtual encounters" with the Divine. A technique of this magnitude which increases specific brain capacities with a minimum of collateral effects is something that motivates an endless number of researchers in the area and which constitutes the Holy Grail of Neurophisiology.

Well then, this technique exists, it walks on its own and is named EMTr - or in Anglo-Saxon terminology TMS - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It is a non invasive technique which allows you to stimulate, inhibit and model specific circuits of the brain: a similar magnet to the one used in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (RMN), focused in specific parts of brain cortex and which is applied in frequency impulses, variable intensity and duration can, in low frequencies, inhibit the cortex and, in high frequencies, stimulate it, lasting significatively its effect to achieve stimulation.

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Developed in 1985 in Sheffield Uniersity and perfectioned in 1995 has been utilized successfully en patients with Major Depression rebellious to conventional therapy to accelerate the effect of antidepressants and shitzophrenic patients who suffer from hearing halucinations, hoping that briefly the FDA could qualify this technique as safe for the treatment of Depressive Symptom in patients who don't respond to conventional therapy and as an alternative to Electroconvulsivetherapy (ECT). To be tested also in therapies for refract Epilepsy, in chronic pain therapy, in the absorsion of brain hemorrhages, in the regulation of appetite, in the treatment of Syndrome of Deprivation of Opiate and in for Syndrome of Attention Deficit. It is in the ambit of brain development improvement that its possibilities reveal themselves as highly promising.

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Studies realized in the University of Gottingen, Germany, and in the Center for the Mind in Sidney, Australia, they indicate an improvement of ten percent in learning exams of motor skills and significant increases in creative capacity en volunteers subject to specific stimulation with TMS and investigations sponsored by the impenetrable (?!) and incontournable military plans of USA already place in hunting pilot's helmets with the intention of improving their performance in inside a mobile apparatus the size of an mp3 lector capable of stimulating the brain with the touch of a button.

The Works of Neurophysiologist and pioneer in TMS Michael Persinger of Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario, have been oriented for the stimulation of direct brain hemisphere, being able to induce mystical states of consciousness with "sensorial presence" in volunteers who experience intense pleasure sensations instead of sensations of panic which led them to believe that their test cameras are amazing, which lead to believe in "direct contact" with the Divine.

Persinger is convinced that normal alterations, not artificially induced, of magnetic fields could be responsible for paranormal experiences as ghost phenomenenon, UFOs and mystical appearances. Based on the work of Persinger, in the growing area of Neurotheology there already are scientists who explore the biological bases of spirituality and who suggest that the religious phenomenon could have electromagnetic origins and explanation and that mystical experiences as the ones felt by Saints and Mystics can be recreated, en a laboratory, by electromagnetic impulses.

Sources, not yet confirmed, report immense concern and discomfort that diffuse from the Vatican to Jerusalem with the achievement of Persinger's experiences. And, suddenly, the Procession only goes through the churchyard and fiction is gone...

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