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With a brain the size of a planet, Marvin, the android from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a prototype from the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation and is equiped with GPP (Genuine People Personalities) technology. It has an intelligence that is 50 times bigger than a human being's still, he claims, he is underrated. There are reasons for Marvin to feel unappreciated: his main job is being a hostess for the Heart of Gold; he has to recieve guests, close and open doors, serve the guests and, eventually, face other beings the outnumber and overpower him. It's also rumoured that he was forgotten in a parking lot for 40 million years, working, for the better part of that time, as a spaceship keeper.

Marvin always introduces himself in a depressing state: low-spirited, mournful, sorrowful, rude and self-centered. That explains and unexplains why he became the most striking character in the series: his pessimist prognosis and his caustic views of existance are responsible for some of the best lines in this brilliantly quirky story by writer and musician Douglas Adams, already told as radio series, TV series, books and movie. The robot has fans all over the world - there is even a group (of depressed people?) that worships this (un)sympathetic gadget - and he even got a mention from the British band Radiohead, when they recorded their famous album Ok, Computer, that included a track called “Android Paranoid”. I'm not saying this to please him, I assure you, but I, for example, love Marvin, but he won't believe it, I'm sure. I know he hates me. There is no reason to delight yourself with his quotes:

About life:

Life? Don't talk to me about life

Life. You can hate it or ignore it, but never like it!
Just when you think it can't get any worse, suddenly it gets even worse.

His views on things

“Hey, Marvin, old sport, how are things?”
”Very bad, I suspect.”

Don't pretend you want to talk to me. I know you hate me. It's part of the structure of the Universe. No sooner do I talk to a person than she hates me. Even robots hate me. Just ignore me that I'll probably disappear off the face of the universe.
I was very bored and depressed, that's when I connected myself to the computer. I talked with him for some time and explained him my views of the universe. ”And what happened?” ”He commited suicide.”
That doesn't matter one bit. We're all going to die... If we're lucky enough!

On Nature

“Did it have oceans?”
”Did it ever! Huge oceans, with really blue waves...”
”- I can't stand oceans...”

In infrared I can see how much I hate the night.

On himself

Do you think YOU have problems? Try being a manic depressive robot...

"Oh, I'm well" Marvin said "if you like being me, which I personally hate."
My ability to be happy could fit in a matchbox, with the matches inside it.

On others

Just trying to bring myself to their intellectual level gives me a headache.

"Tell me" asked Arthur "do you get along with other robots?" "I hate them."
I'd like to say it's a huge pleasure, a great honour and a privilege to inaugurate this bridge but, now that I don't have my cynicism chip turned on, that I hate and despise all of you.

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