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Watching tv is, nowadays, deeply rooted in the lifestyles of almost everyone of us. Inside the total of television options, the entertainment area has become hugely popular, giving way to various programmes and contests where the average audience can have their 15 minutes of fame.

From Brazilian television in the late 70s to European and American TV, I confess, I have watched a bit of everything. The show that impressed me most, as a kid, was, without a doubt, "Os Trapalhões", that entered the Guinness book of records for being the longest-running comedy show, having been aired for over 30 years. Didi Mocó, Dedé Santana, Mussum e Zacarias are names that will forever remain in my culture.

Times have changed and television habits have tried to keep up with the social development of its audience, so it's natural that formats are no longer as pure an innocent, but rather spiced up with other values, in vogue today. Although I do understand the commercial need behind the ratings war, I confess that I am sometimes stunned with the dimension and imagination of some television shows. For now, I'll leave you with some contests from Japanese television that are absolutely insane. Even though I was mentally prepared to watch something different, what I saw was absolutely surreal...

The Human Tetris. One or more players have to try to fit in a wall that is moving towards them at high speed.

The goal of this game seems fairly easy. Beneath a tank of water there's a plate sensitive to pressure. The contestant only has to dive into the water to, with his weight, trigger the mechanism that rotates a woman on her bench. There's a detail though, the water is at a temperature of 51º C.

And how about releasing a lizard on a glass case filled with women. The goal is clear: the woman who holds on the longest wins.

This contest left me speechless for its simplicity, efficiency and, of course, stupidity. Whover doesn't master the tongue-twister gets a hit in their testicles.

More insane Japanese game shows to come soon.

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