Men and women at the wheel

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A man and a women have had a pretty violent car accident. Each was able to slowly crawl out of the car and confirm, with amazement, that they got off without a scratch. The woman was the first to compose herself. She fixed her hair and, looking at the pile of dented plates, she exclaimed:

- Although our cars were destroyed, we got off without a scratch. How lucky... Or a divine sign: God wanted us to meet under these unfortunate circumstances. Nice to meet you. My name's Miriam.

- Yes, I agree. It was a miracle - answered the man, half-surprised. My name is Anthony. It's nice to meet you too.

- Oh, look at that! - proceeded the woman. My car was completely destroyed, but the bottle of wine I had bought is intact. It's another miracle! God wants us to celebrate our meeting...

- Yes, let's celebrate! answered the man enthusiastically. He grabbed the bottle she handed over to him, popped the cork out and drank. Afterwards, handed it back to its owner who put the cork back without drinking.

- So? Aren't you going to drink, as well? - he asked.

- No. - she answered. I'm waiting for the police to arrive...

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