How a movie is made in Hollywood #2

 Cinema Epic Hollywood Humour Crime Film-Noir

3. Historic/ big budget productiom/ epic

An orchestral, loud and intense music echoes from every corner of the room, deafening the audience. A huge crowd (extras) enters from the left-hand corner and swarms the entire scene. At this point, the camera zooms in the faces of the characters. The camera again swings and stops at the sight of the emperor. The music stops and everyone awaits his words. Alas, before you know it, half the movie has gone by.

The man leading the crowd says something and the emperor answers. A few indoor scenes fill the rest of the movie, that culminates in a quadriga race or an epic battle with tons of special effects and bloodshed. From hereafter, you no longer have to keep watching, since you already know what the outcome will be. These big-budget productions are so expensive because you have to pay all those extras and you don't mess around with the unions...

 Cinema Epic Hollywood Humour Crime Film-Noir

4. Crime/ Film-Noir

Four evildoers play poker and drink whisky. They are waiting for Jim, who has left the can a month ago and is already carrying the plans for a bank robbery. Upon arriving, he says he wants to quit the life of crime and become an honest man. A strong argument arrises and Jim ends up agreeing to go through with the plan, but assures the others that this is his last "job". He then approaches the girl that is also a member of the gang, but who is madly in love with him and both agree on fleeing together after the robbery, in search of happiness.

That's when the girl, fearing for Jim's life, goes to the police and tells them about the plan, in exchange for Jim's immunity. However, on the night of the crime, things go wrong and Jim shoots a cop. They both run away in a car, chased by the police and their nervewrecking sirenes. They inevitably cross Brooklyn bridge (what a cliché) until they're surrounded by the police that open fire on them. Jim is hit, staggers and tumbles down, but not before he has the chance to hold the girl and tell her that crime doesn't pay. It's the most moralizing movie American producers could come up with.

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