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When you think about television, it's hard not to think about how much it changed the world, our way of life, our perception of what surrounds us and how it's brought people much closer... Or perhaps, as some people argue, brought them further apart. Either way, what's curious, and, at the same time, ironic, is that, for so long, television didn't offer us anything new. Let's think about it: movies, documentaries, newscasts, trivia shows, etc., they all already existed in the radio, cinema, theatre, etc. Television, however, had a picture, which spiked viewers' curiosity, I guess.

One of the few novelties of television was the music video, a new means of artistic expression, bursting with possibility. For so long, music was broadcast by TV in such a poor manner - usually through recorded live shows or studio performances, or by pieced together montages that illustrated some pop/ rock band's latest hit single.

It wasn't until the early 80s that the music video became popular and widespread, mostly due to the launch of MTV. The music video became so deeply rooted that today it is almost impossible to imagine a song without its corresponding video, to which it is imminently associated.

The music video, that freely and fantasticly associates sound and image in a never-before-seen narrative process, watched its importance and reputation grow at same time some of the most renowned directores saw its possibilities. Let's remember some of the earlier music videos. The songs are well known... But can you guess their director?

Thriller - Michael Jackson

Bad - Michael Jackson

War song - Culture Club

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