Programming Language - Historial Summary

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Since the appearance of the first computers it remained clear that it would be necessary to find a standardized method to express in a better way the instructions which should be given to every machine. A group of syntactic and semantic rules that allowed us to define a program, liable of being interpreted by the machine in a more efficient manner. That's how programming language was born, which is only a group of words, composed according to those rules, and that allow a programmer to specify precisely what data the machine will act upon, how they will be stored and transmitted and what actions should be taken in different circumstances.

It is easy to understand, one of the main objects of programming language is allowing programmers to posses higher productivity, creating conditions for these to transmit easier and faster their intentions to the machine. As we walk towards the 21st Century, the programmatic universe suffered diverse metamorphosis, where many inadequate languages in this new reality will cease to exist, gibing place to new forms of communication in this eternal dialogue of man /machine.

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It is necessary to see this fantastic poster with a map of history of languages and, consequently, of computational evolution and humanity.

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