Carlos Saura s "Fados"

 Fado Fados Lisboa Carlos Saura Musica Cinema

Spanish director Carlo Sauras's musical documentary "Fados" will premier tonight at the Rio de Janeiro Film Festival and it will hit Portuguese cinemas on 4 October. It is an eclectic journey through fado, boasting a multicultural cast which owes to fado great part of its roots, in proof of the many musical influences that have determined this genre's destiny, a genre that is so Portuguese in nature. This film gives new tones to the Lisbon song.

Carlos Saura quis com este documentário, rodado no Verão de 2006, olhar o fado como olhou o tango e o flamengo, este com filmes admiráveis como "Bodas de Sangue" (1981), Carmen (1983), Amor Bruxo (1986), a partir da obra musical de Manuel de Falla e a participação do mítico Antonio Gades, e Flamenco (1995), completando finalmente a trilogia das canções urbanas do século XX.

 Fado Fados Lisboa Carlos Saura Musica Cinema

Fados was filmed outside Lisbon, a choice the director had already made for other musicals he directed. It is a concert-film in that it is made up of a series of musical numbers in independent scenes, with each one possessing its own content, with a beginning and an end. They can be interpreted independently or as part of a whole.

A confessed fan of Amália's fado, Saura has brought together a luxurious cast of fado singers such as Carlos do Carmo, Mariza, Argentina Santos, Camané and guitarists Ricardo Rocha and Fontes Rocha. They mingle with voices from other destinations and with other sensitivities including Brazilian artists Toni Garrido, Caetano Veloso and Chico Buarque; Cape Verdian lady Cesária Évora, mexican Lila Downs, flamenco dancer Miguel Poveda and from Portugal: Kola San Jon, Júlio Pereira, Rui Veloso, rappers Brigada Vitor Jara and Catarina Moura, all brought together in a reunion that one might think impossible, in order to recover fado's African-Brazilian roots and celebrate this journey of yesteryears and, who knows, of tomorrow. It takes this eternal style and adapts it to modern times, keeping it alive by its incredible popular expression.

let's fado!

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