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 Medicina Microchip Design Medicamentos Drogas Tecnologia Doenca Saude

Do you often forget to take your medicine on time? Do you often need medication prescribed in injectables? Do you suffer from Diabetes Mellitus and are you, or forsee becoming, insulin dependent? If your answer is affirmative, then this post is dedicated especially to you.

Similar scenarios to those lived in Star Trek’s Medical Department can, in the near future become a reality and revolutionize Medicine as we know it. Medical breakthroughs, on the whole, and nanotechnology, in particular have opened a distant and stoney path for the vast field of medical science. A path that, with each day that goes by, becomes more and more achievable, with reality often surpassing all expectations.

A flagrant example of those achievements is the technology that MicroCHIPS, a company in Bedford, MA, has to offer in the near future: micro-reservoirs which can be loaded with medication, incorporated in microchips, implanted in the patient's body and programmed for administering the medication in a timed manner or eventually controlled by radio signals, whose manufacturing is MicroCHIPS' core technology.

 Medicina Microchip Design Medicamentos Drogas Tecnologia Doenca Saude

We say, let it chip...

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