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 Brazil Cinema Conspiracy Dialogue Jorge Mello Selton Seu Tarantino Theory Thesis Video

It's understandable that the short-movie Tarantino`s Mind continues little-known to most of the public. Aside from the difficulty in finding the video among the media, its indelicate and underworldly tone (given to it by its anonymous directors, that sign it under the pseudonym 300 Ml), the various pop-culture references (from Cecil B. DeMille to ESPN) that are drilled into the screen in less than twelve minutes and its from-one-fan-to-another theme, gave it the impression that this movie isn't for just everyone. Let's forget that misunderstanding, though. A major surprise at the 2006's Festival de Cinema do Rio, the Republika Filmes production stunned everyone, even the critics, who only expected to comment on De Palma's new movie (this was at the time of the first showings of The Black Dahlia in Brazil). The bold short managed to expand from an homage to one of the most important directors of our time to seduce every movie buff - and not only fans of Quentin Tarantino.

The short takes place in a bar in São Paulo and features, amongst french fries, swear words, foolishness and people that may be intelectuals, philosophers or poker players; two unlikely characters - Selton Mello and Seu Jorge, two cinema buffs that are talking about Quentin Tarantino's filmography, trying to connect the dots in the cineast's work.

 Brazil Cinema Conspiracy Dialogue Jorge Mello Selton Seu Tarantino Theory Thesis Video

Before Seu Jorge, Selton - clever, for a change - presents his thesis: he swears he has found a 'Tarantino code' and starts to point out the evidence that proves a connection between every Tarantino movie, from Natural Born Killers to the two first volumes of Kill Bill (Death Proof didn't exist yet). That is, QT would have created one single line that would take all of his stories - and characters - to create one unique and epic saga, whose narratives would go far beyond what meets the eye.

Well, it wouldn't be any fun not to pick some of the main points raised by these two guys in Tarantino´s Mind and comment them. In order of appearance:

1. To start off the investigation, Selton Mello reveals (with a conspiration theory look about him) that the aspiring celebrity Jack Scagnetti in Natural Born Killers is Mr. Blonde's parole officer in Reservoir Dogs. Seu Jorge points out: but wasn't his name Seymour? Yes... But then he changes it. The conversation then gets clouded up by an argument about how neither Serbians nor Americans can pronounce difficult names. Fact is, Michael Madsen, just like Blonde, tells his parole officer that he, too, is a Scagnetti.

2. The best point is the second one: the suitcase carried by Mr. Pink (Steve Busceni), after the colective massacre in Reservoir Dogs, is the same suitcase rescued and carried everywhere by John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction. It's an interesting coincidence (or not) that the group from the first movie robbed a jewellery store and that, upon upon opening it, the second suitcase has such an hypnotic glow.

3. Still in Reservoir Dogs, it is said that Mr. Blonde's real name is Vic Vega. Well, what's the name Mia Wallace whispers into the microphone to anounce John Travolta as her dancing partner in the famous dance scene? Vincent Vega. To the guys in Tarantino´s Mind it's perfectly clear: they're brothers.

4. Mr. White, before joining the group of outlaws in Reservoir Dogs, was partners with Alabama, who went on to marry Clarence in True Romance;

5. The colombian who drives the taxi Butch is fleeing in in Pulp Fiction was the same as the murder-obcessed freak in Curdled. It makes sense, after all, what interests Esmeralda Villalobos the most as she drives is the question "What does it feel like to kill a man?" she asks Butch (Bruce Willis), out of the blue.

6. In a TV show in Curdled, a photo of the Gecko brothers from From Dust Till Dawn is shown as they are wanted in Texas.

7. Mia Wallace and The Bride (Kiddo) are the same person. She changes her name depending on the crook she's dating. She was Wallace before and, then, Bill's bride. Ok, right there you've got a problem, because Mia was the wife and not the bride of Marcellus Wallace and, after Pai Mei's doctrine, The Bride would hardly become a cocaine addict. There are also some chronological issues there.

8. The sheriff that investigates the massacre in El Passo church in Kill Bill is the same one that gets shot down by the Gecko brothers in From Dust Till Dawn. More ingenious than that, after his revelation in Pulp Fiction, Jules (Samuek L. Jackson) became a pianist at the same church...

So, what do you think? Any more notes you were able to make from you Tarantin-esque viewings?

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