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 Automobile Car Cars Concept LifeCar Morgan Prototype

The mere mention of the name 'Morgan' brigs out a mix of feelings of awe and desire. Esteem for an extremely beautiful car; yearning to own one. Who wouldn't like to be the proud owner of a classic 4/4, aero or roadster, with its wire wheels and metalic paint? However, a Morgan is hard to come by. Its demand is high and its supply limited. Morgan's latest bet is on the eco-friendly LIFECar, that was presented at the Geneva motor show, last March.

A part of the brand's traditional image yeilded to the demands of technological modernisation, for instance, when it came to their trademark chrome-plated wire wheels, that have been replaced with regular alloy wheels. Still, the new Morgan is still an elegant automobile, with Morgan's trademark radiator and headlights and classic, if not even retro profile, reminiscent of the famous Bugatti Atlantic.

When it comes to everything else, the LifeCar is in the vanguard of technology. Ultra-light, environmentally-conscious, but also able to deliver an impressive performance, which is, actually, one of the brand's main goals - to prove that it's possible to articulate high technology, tradition, environment and high performances. The question is, are they able to do it at a convinient price?

 Automobile Car Cars Concept LifeCar Morgan Prototype

 Automobile Car Cars Concept LifeCar Morgan Prototype


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