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Alfred Hitchcock is arguably one of the most revered directors in cinema's history. As a consequence, it's hard to write about him without having the feeling that we're merely repeating what everyone already knows, or, at least, should know, about a man that practically invented a film genre and inspired generations of young film directors. Therefore, I won't dwell on descriptions of the genious that is Hitchcock, mainly because that is not the purpose of this entry, which aims at focusing on a very particular and peculiar aspect of his movies

In most of his films, Hitchcock used what is commonly known as a cameo - a brief appearence of a well-known person in a movie, in this case, Hitchcock himself. He can be spotted in many of his movies, in brief appearences, usually at the begining of the film, so as not to create a distraction from the main plot.

Watch some cameos of 'the master of suspense':

You can browse through all of Hitchcock's cameos here.

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