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At a time when Europe is knee-deep in prescriptions and operation rules that indicate, at times, an excess of zeal, I loved watching the british movie Hot Fuzz by Edgar Wright, 2007. Hot Fuzz is a comedy, truly an hilarious british police story. Simon Pegg (the movie's director and writer) and Edgar Wright (writer) also co-wrote the movie Shaun of the Dead (in 2004) and the TV series Spaced. Even though I'm not familiar with neither the movie nor the fourteen-episode television show, I was curious to watch them after seeing Hot Fuzz and I'm sure they are productions I will, in the future, try to explore. Simon Pegg decided to make this action movie about cops after noticing the United Kingdom, unlike many other countries, had absolutely no tradition of producing this genre of movies (cop action films).

 Action Cinema Comedy Movies Films Fuzz Hot Crime

This british movie tells the adventures of a London policeman that is removed from the city where he lives for being too good at his job. In fact, his excelence and skill put everyone else's evaluation at risk and that's why Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is sent away to the small-town Sandford, the place with the lowest crime-rate in the country. Unable to ignore his duties as a cop, Nicholas Angel is bored to death with the lack of action, so he decides to put his skill and criminal investigation intuitions to use. Without further ado, Angel starts arresting drunk police officers caught driving, underaged kids found drinking and graffiters. However, these arrests are not looked favourably upon by the local population, who, right away, start trying to prove their inefficiency. All this takes place before Nicholas Angel finds out he's involved in a sect of righteous, self-proclaimed lawyers of law and order... From here on, the movie takes on a completely different turn.

Still in Sandford, Nicholas Angel will start an unpredictable friendship with a co-worker, a festive film-buff cop, will chase ducks on the run and live numerous unlikely adventures. This way, he finally learns how to balance the abiding by the law and its reasonable aplication in particular cases. Without budging to the corrupt local power, Angel and his 'partner in crime' Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), defy everything and everyone and, finally, effectively put an end to 'the state of things'... Without ever forgetting that there's always room for a bit of partying. In a nutshell, this movie is well worth the watch as you will certainly laugh at its irony. In addition, you can also try out this game to see if you can keep Sandford crime-free.

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