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Once upon a time there was a village where there lived two men who shared the same name: John Smith. One of them was a priest and the other a cab driver. As fate would have it, they happened to die on the same day. When they got to heaven, Sait Peter was awaiting them.

- Your name, please.
- John Smith.
- Are you the priest?
- No, I'm the cab driver.

Saint Peter browses through his notes and says:
- Well, you've earned the right to enter Paradise. Here's your gold-fabric tunic and your platinum sceptre, encrusted with rubies.

- Next! Your name, please?
- John Smith.
- Are you the priest?
- Yes, that's correct.
- Very well, son, you've earned the right to enter Paradise. Here's your linnen tunic and iron sceptre.

To which the priest replied:
- I'm sorry, but this must be a mistake. I'm John Smith, the priest!
- Yes, son, you've earned the right to enter Paradise. Here's your linnen tunic and...
- No, it can't be! I know the other fellow, Sir. He was a cab driver who lived in my village and he was a complete disaster! Bumping into sidewalks and into other cars everyday, being a lousy driver and scaring other people off... And he never changed! In spite of the many driving tickets he got and the numerous police reprimands. And I, I spent 75 years preaching to my parish, every Sunday. How can he get a gold tunic and I... This?
- No, it's no mistake - says Saint Peter. You see, here in Heaven we're implementing a more professional management, like the one you have on Earth.
- I'm sorry, but I don't understand...
- Let me explain it to you. We are now guiding ourselves by goals. During the last few years, each time you preached, people fell asleep. Whereas, each time the other lad drove his cab, people started praying. Results! Get it? Management by goals!

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