Maurice Binder

 Maurice Binder Cinema Films 007 Bond Design

He became well-known for his famous opening sequence in the James Bond saga, filmed using the pin holetechnique, in order to simulate the interior of a barrel of a gun, but also for his magnificent title designs for movies of the same film series, such as this one. The American Maurice Binder will forever be connected to the pictures of Her Majesty's secret agent and to beautiful women dancing, jumping or handling guns, covered in none or little clothing.

However, throughout his career, Binder worked in over 100 movies, with collaborations that range from special effects to artistic direction. His visual and artistic creations have always been innovative and have frequently kept up with the most vanguardist pictorial trends. Take a look at the opening sequences that he designed in the 60s, for instance, with blots of solid saturated colours, transparencies and silhouettes and compare them with some of the best Pop art produced at the time.

Apart from the 007 film series, Maurice Binder also left his mark in some noteworthy movies in cinema history. For example, Barbarella with its sequence of Jane Fonda performing strip-tease at zero gravity and Bernardo Bertolucci's The Last Emperor. And let us not forget we had not yet reached the digital era...

Charade (1963)

Thunderball (1965)

Barbarella (1968)

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