"La linea" by Osvaldo Cavandoli

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In 1969, the well-known brand of pressure cookers Lagostina decided to promote themselves on television using a short cartoon feature. In that short (of about 2 and a half minutes) a curious cartoon with a huge nose and an even bigger latin personality would talk about the product's qualities. He was Mr. Agostino Lagostina. He was special because he was drawn using a single line that would start and finish in the base of the image. After 8 publicity episodes, the cartoon gained a life of his own and became known as La Linea in television sets all over the world.

The author of the drawing was cartoonist Osvaldo Cavandoli. Cava (as he was called) would sometimes be featured in the cartoon as well, interacting with the character or simply drawing. On the whole, he drew up to more than a hundred episodes. The success of the series can be explained, not only for its humour and creativity, but also for its television format. Furthermore, its short duration was responsible for its use between tv shows and commercials and even in the cinema.

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