ABSOLUT Brazil - Andy Warhol´s legacy

 Absolut Alcohol Art Brazil Creativity Russia Vodka Warhol

ABSOLUT begun its partnership with arts in 1985 with the ABSOLUT WARHOL project - the legendary reading of the already famous bottle of ABSOLUT by the artist Andy Warhol. The following year, Keith Haring created work inspired by ABSOLUT and, today, the brand's collection includes over 400 works of art in a broad range of platforms - from furniture, to sculpture, to photography, to digital art, to fabric. In 2003, ABSOLUT became the first brand to be invited by the Venice Art Biennale event.

The brand was introduced to the fashion world in 1998, with the iconic ABSOLUT CAMERON ad, presented by model Rachel Williams wearing a wonderful silver micro-dress.

Since then, many of the world's most accomplished designers have developed creations for the ABSOLUT FASHION COLLECTION – Gianni Versace, Tom Ford, Helmut Lang, Stella McCartney and Jean-Paul Gaultier are some of the talented designers who have worked with the brand.

 Absolut Alcohol Art Brazil Creativity Russia Vodka Warhol

After France and the USA, Brazil was the third country in the world to introduce a new ABSOLUT VODKA bottle designed by national artists. Nelson Leirner and Daniel Senise were the artists chosen to press an "air of Brazil" to the ABSOLUT package that, since its launch in 1979, has become a global institution, well-known around the world. The partnership between ABSOLUT, Nelson Leirner and Daniel Senise emphasizes a mutual devotion to creativity, elegance and boldness.

The experimental and original nature of ABSOLUT has inspired some of the most prominent artists, designers and musicians in the world to create their own interpretation of ABSOLUT. It all started in 1985 when legendary pop artist Andy Wharol painted a bottle for the brand. That was the beginning of a new type of campaign - that has expanded the borders between publicity and art, fashion and music. Since then, hundreds of artists have contributed their talents to the ABSOLUT campaign. Nam June Paik, Louise Bougeois, Damian Hirst, Maurizio Cattelan, Rosemarie Trockel are a few of them.

 Absolut Alcohol Art Brazil Creativity Russia Vodka Warhol

This is the third time there is a local intervention in the brand. The initiative, named ABSOLUT Brazil is happening in Italy at the same time, with the COSTUME NATIONAL project, and is part of a global communication strategy adopted by the brand and ruled by a deep involvement with art and fashion. Aside from embracing the art concept, the project also has another big trademark of the brand, the collectible, that is, it arouses the desire to collect the bottle by the legion of ABSOLUT fans.

With a limited edition, the ABSOLUT bottles signed by Nelson Leirner and Daniel Senise can be found in the market from August 2007. Forty-eight thousand bottles from each artist will be distributed and will remain in the market for a month each. The Nelso Leirner package will be the first one released. With a dreamy language, the work of art shows butterflies wrapped in a profusion of colours, using the sticker technique the artist has been embracing lately. Inspired by the Copacabana rocks, Daniel Senise's bottle, that will hit the shelves in September, have a more irreverent and provocative tone, with the picture of a monkey in the middle of chops of wood.

 Absolut Alcohol Art Brazil Creativity Russia Vodka Warhol

The ABSOLUT Brazil project also contemplates the newest names in Brazilian contemporary art, whose interpretations will result in isolated works of art. Nando Costa, Adhemas, Abiuro, Glauco Diogenes, Gui Borchert, Marconi, Nitrocorpz, Colletivo, Rubens Lp and mooz will be introduced to the public through virtual interpretations of the ABSOLUT VODKA package, available at the brand's website.

ABSOLUT has found in the Brazilian market the biggest growth rate in the world. Sales of ABSOLUT VODKA in Brazil have been growing 100% a year.

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