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Following in the footsteps of their printed ads for the Skol Pilsen company, F/Nazca's TV commercials stand-out for their irreverence, dealing with a universe you can already imagine: the old masculine selling clichés, their football, women and beaches. It could all remain in a field of obvious things, however their innovative visions, perspectives and carefully planned and creative production, make them a truly original creation - which pops at the viewer - and are Fábio Fernandes' visit card. Add to it interaction strategies and play viewer empathy up, and you've got a leading brand's strong suits.

We've already discussed the concepts that are used in F/Nazca's campaigns for the beer brand Skol. In their television commercials we can see that formula remains the same, the only difference is that it seems broader, as the audience is much wider. They take advantage of that, creating empathy and indentifying, not only with their usual target audience, but also with every fan of off-the-wall commercials that play up the Brazilian's imaginary identity.

In a simple and accessible language, F/Nazca was able to explore more than a hundred shapely blondes and, ironicly, for those who criticize such an exageration, even created films (and also printed ads) showing shocked women; like the wife coming out of the kitchen, just as her husband is watching a Skol commercial: "Hey, how do they always find a way of putting women in beer commercials?", to which the husband answers: "I didn't even notice... But they put men there too, honey. It's just that it doesn't look good.". Obviously. Men are useless for Skol - but the husband doesn't exactly get away with it, he get pie on his face.

Catch-phrases mixed with an unlikely ET, at a time when it was trendy to use entertaining characters. Conar (Brazil's National Coucil for Advertising Self-Regulation), on the other hand, didn't find the ads funny at all and, in 2003, created new rules discouraging the use of humanized animals in alcoholic drinks and cigarettes commercials. The alien from Skol went out of circulation along with the turtle from Antarctica and the blue crab from Brahma, among others, because these animals may arouse children's and teen's attention too much.

They bounced back right away and in the following year they hit the air with their "Ilha Quadrada" campaign. Just to give you an idea, in the Ilha Quadrada the shacks were separated with the men on one side and the women on the other, with a soundtrack that would go from camp songs to classical music. It was actually an experiment to analyse the behaviour of the young men and women confined to the island, without the beer. But who in the world would go to the Ilha Quadrada?? In a reality-show-type of film, a tv-presenter would hit the streets looking for guinea pigs for the experiment. Because he was never successful, he had the help of security guards who would drag those approached to the island. All in good fun, but staged? No way.

In 2004, the current publicist, Felipe dos Santos, Phill (could we be related?) was approached by Skol's team and told, in his former blog Stopper, "Of course, like the other people in the commercial, at first, I declined the offer. That's when two security guards dragged me to supposedly commit me to the island, just like in the movie. They release you right away and that's it, you have been filmed and should sign an image commitment term.". Phill also remarked, at the time, It's a great advertisement that brings the consumers closer to Skol.

The partnership move seemed to work so well that, in the summer of 2006-2007, F/Nazca released their boldest campaign to date: "what you're going to do this summer is what you are going to tell your grandchildren." The movies were two-minutes long and filled with pictures of young people on the beach, waterfalls, sky and wherever else possible. Small important moments that are forever kept in your memory. So there was even people who cried with the commercials, swayed by a simple song, a "lá lá lá, hey". The summer is now, what are you going to tell your grandchildren?. Without looking at costs, the consumers were even invited to submit their own footage of their "Skol summer"; the chosen videos were incorporated in some of the commercials. Absolute success, and a dozen more awards for the shelves of F/Nazca S&S.

There were even commercials promoting the brand's events, especially Skol Beats, that gets special attention every year, with a massive, but careful, broadcast. Special focus for the video of the last edition of Skol Beats - "Mestre dos Vinis" (the vinyl master), that showed the martial arts temple turned into an electronic music temple.

Among these campaigns, here is "Musa do Verão" (summer muse), and no, she isn't a unique and unattainable muse, because, if the guy who invented her drank Skol, she would be completely democratized. Actress Bárbara Borges portrays the beautiful blonde, within everyone's reach. Also featured here, is the "bingo" commercial, that shows some elderly men having fun with their beers: brilliant and provocative.

The last video is the recent commercial from the Código Redondo (Round Code), still a bit obscure, but that promises to reveal the secret of the Skol beer, a secret that has been kept since the Middle Ages by the Knights of the Round Table and that was lost among the natives at the time of Brazil's discovery, but was finally found by a master brewer. Once again, we can smell the new strategies of interaction and attraction of new loyal followers of this cult beer, star of F/Nazca Saatchi&Saatchi.

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