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 Ernest Hemingway Short Stories Six Words

I usually don't do articles that are this personal, but an article by Luís Soares on a story's duration reminded me of something. In the middle of so much technology and so much media attention, it seems that everything has a perfect duration to fulfill a purpose, be it commercial or merely of self-promotion.

From a technological point of view, with which I am more familiar, there are various shades that fill this theme, with a special focus on how the new means of communication are assimilated by society. However, I don't want to talk to you from a technological viewpoint. Luís' article reminded me of something I read once about Ernest Hemingway, who was once dared to write a story with only six words. Some say it was a bet, some say it was a literary challenge from other authors.

Hemingway then wrote a six word story and called it his best work ever.

For sale: baby shoes, never worn.

I ask you. How many words do we need to tell a story? Sometimes the essence is so strong that it only takes a little bit to show the edges and the emotion of a story.

What about you? Can you write a story in six words? Leave it here, as a comment.

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