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Suissa Computers - design and technology

 Computers Design Luxury Wood Technology

We have gotten used to seeing the computer as an industrial object, a box filled with technology and a matching look, made out of metal plates, lights and entangled wire that we do our best to disguise. With the exception of the Macintosh computers, clearly more elegant than the rest of the computers, but still with high-tech lines, most computers are machines of serial production that we have around the house only because we need them, not because they go well with the rest of the furniture. What if, ignoring its technological and industrial nature, a computer were produced manually, custom made to fit each client, in exclusive units?

We are not talking about its components and technical characteristics but rather its shape. It's much like going to the tailor and chosing a suit that is going to be fitted down to size. The Suissa company has everything custom-made: computers, media centers, boxes, hard drives, etc. Its bold and sophisticated models seem everything but ordinary. Glass, brass, chrome and, especially, wood are this Canadian company's choice materials and they take orders from all over the world.

 Computers Design Luxury Wood Technology

 Computers Design Luxury Wood Technology

The base models are really original and limited to a small number of copies under reservation, but, even so, they offer a wide range of choice. However, the company's motto is that everything can be customized and, therefore, it's enough to send our over the top order together with every detail. They will be pleased to build it right down to the tiniest detail.

There is only a catch: the company doesn't produce monitors, keyboards or mouse devices. So you'll have to settle for a fantastic desktop with ordinary and average peripheral equipment - a shocking contrast...

 Computers Design Luxury Wood Technology

 Computers Design Luxury Wood Technology
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