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Actor William Shatner will forever be remembered for his Captain Kirk character in Star Trek, a young, charming and brave officer who, boldly, went where no man had ever dared go before... Maybe Shatner was a modest guy before he became famous and then changed. One thing is for sure, the actor started holding himself on too good an account, judging himself to be an irresistable leading actor, gifted with numerous talents, among them, singing. And that's why he sang and recorded his songs, even. If you're one of those big Star Trek fans and think William Shatner rocked, brace yourself to watch that myth being destroyed by his singing...

Well, in all fairness, William Shatner doesn't sing - that's the truth. He speaks. What he does is a sort of scat with a personal touch. The first example we can watch is a cover of the famous Rocket Man, by Elton John and Bernie Taupin, performed in a unique register, at a time when people were still allowed to smoke on TV and cinema. Shatner shows us that, aside from his musical talents, he also knows how to handle a cigarette and give it a good smoke. Cool.

Next, here's the standard It was very good year, which has already been performed by the "voice" himself - Frank Sinatra. In this version, the tone chosen by the actor moves between the ironic and the "look how good I am". The close-ups of his face are dramatic and William Shatner is devastating... Literally.

Finally, his biggest hit: Lucy in the sky with diamonds. One of The Beatles' most psychedelic tunes, which is reinvented here in a surprising way, taking the actor into surprising registers. A classic, and Shatner is a visionary. The video, craftily edited, underlines the music and subtly hints at LSD's history, the song's hero. Brings a tear to your eyes. ;)

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