Ten nostalgic minutes minutes of Commodore Amiga

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The Commodore Amiga was a truly ground-breaking personal computer of its time. With unique and innovative characteristics, it openned the doors to a whole generation of enthusiasts who dared to dream about the future of technology. If you too are one of those people who lived a part of your youth during the late 80s and were lucky enough to have an Amiga, then you probably played some of these games.

Truly nostalgic, exclusively for fans, rewatch pictures of striking games that you probably haven't heard of for years. Cannon Fodder, Eye of beholder, Sensible Soccer, Interceptor, Rocket Ranger, Speed Ball, Stunt Car Racer, Bubble Bubble, Lemmings, Formula One, Sim City, Out Run, Mega lo Mania, Indiana Jones, Another World, Dune, Lotus Turbo Challenge, UFO, Shadow of the Beast, Prince of Persia among several others. These were some of those I immediately recognized... They're 100 Amiga games in a ten-minute trip to the past.

Did you recognize any other games?? Leave a comment here. :)

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