3D exploration of Guernica

 Spanish Civil War Pablo Picasso

During the Spanish Civil War, the village of Guernica was attacked and practically destroyed by the Luftwaffe, inspiring one of the most famous paintings by Pablo Picasso. Due to the horror of the nearly 1600 deaths caused by the bombing, this work of art, that was already in the making at the time, was named after this village. And thus, Guernica was born and has remained in History.

Lena Gieseke decided to make a 3D representation of this famous painting, an idea that came up from the assembling of puzzles of famous paintings.

According to Lena, through the puzzles, your entire perception of the work of art aquires a whole different meaning, because of the fact that this process makes you have to study, in-depth, the lines, shapes and colours that bring the entire composition to life. The thoroughness needed to execute such a task allows you to gain conscience of certain details that would, otherwise, be overlooked. Your experience of the painting becomes more intense, because of the interaction brought on by the puzzle's solution and, at the same time, strengthened and expanded by the viewer's own fantasy, as he analyses every small, detached piece of the work of art.

Thus appears a new dimension to Guernica, through the eyes of Lena Gieseke.

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