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 Lunch Food Yacht Tables

It almost seems magical. A simple turn of a button here, a subtle movement there and voilá: a huge table for 12 people starts transforming itself. As in a ballet, the circular movements and the various levels of wood plates fit together in perfect harmony, without ever losing its round shape.

The Fletcher Capstan tables have a long history. They are inspired by an invention by Robert Jupe, who, in 1835, patented something similar. His creation, however, was hard to handle. With a series of intricate mechanisms, it was very difficult to use and, above all, the wood parts didn't fit the rest of the table.

 Lunch Food Yacht Tables

With unique design and mechanisms, the Fletcher Capstan tables are a true beauty. When it is "closed", each table is made up by six wood leaves. It's those leaves that, overlaid, move in a radial motion, in a quick metamorphosis. The vital center, responsible for all the "magic", uses a combination of aluminium and stainless steel, hidden beneath the central base.

 Lunch Food Yacht Tables

Aside from the use in residences and hotels, Fletcher Capstan's biggest, and perhaps most important, client is the nautical branch. Boats, yachts and big ships already use this sensational system that, aside from being practical, also uses little space, which is indispensable in this sector.

To work, each table uses a small electric motor with rechargeable batteries. Every Fletcher Capstan is unique, literally, custom-made, according to the buyer's needs and tastes. All of them are numbered.

Even better than pictures, are these videos, which speak for themselves.

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