The serene sounds of Nouvelle Vague

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The Nouvelle Vague are a french music group, whose producers are Collin e Olivier Libaux. The name of the band comes from wordplay that refers simultaneously to the French culture of those involved and to the artistic French cinema movement of the 1960s. Their songs are mostly covers of punk and new wave songs from the 80s, mixed with a hint of Bossa Nova.

From the first time I had the pleasure of listening to the sounds of this group, I had the feeling of the existence of something magical, with the ability of creating new aesthetic worlds, without ever losing the essence of the original songs.

Together with today's article, I chose a song that moves me in a paradoxal way; a song that follows the spirit in extreme moments, both of happiness and sadness, of melancholy and ecstasy... And how good that feels.

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