Ten nostalgic minutes of ZX Spectrum

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As a follow up to the article about the Commodore Amiga, today we are taking a trip even futher back in time and revisiting some of the most remarkable ZX Spectrum games.

Once again, this is absolutely nostalgic and only directed at fans of the technological world. Review some images you probably haven't seen in a while. R-Type, Ghosts and Goblins, Silkworm, Tetris, Cobra, Rick Dangerous, Shadow Dancer, Arkanoid, Green Beret, Saboteur, Bubble Bobble, Elite, Sentinel, Winter games, Manic Miner... These were the ones I immediately recognized. Like the previous article, it's a 10-minute trip to the past to realize just how much technology has evolved during the past 1/4 of a century.

So? Recognized any of the games? Tell us which...

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