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The name of the band is psapp - the first p is read and is an exclamation uttered by an anoyed neighbour with the noise coming from the house of one of the members, the day a strange instrument they had hanging from the ceilling caused the wood and plaster to colapse, after a long life of nearly 150 years.

"About fun" ("Tiger, my friend"/2004)

I discovered them through music-map, in a search that had The Books or Animal Collective as a starting point, I can't remember which. I immediately liked the sound and when I found out about their cartoons, I was thrilled. Their discography, between full-length albums and EPs, is short but promising. The artwork is gorgeous, the CDs stunning and, therefore, impossible to copy, the videos are cute and even their store is tempting. Besides, everything makes sense with a sound such as this.

"Hi" ("The only thing I ever wanted"/2006)

The new album, "The Camel's Back" is out in October.

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