Russian roulette for children

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In Japan, the country of the rising sun, people will do anything for a good rush of adrenalin, judging by their insane game shows. And, apparently, the search for these kinds of thrills starts early. Check out this interesting game: a Russian roulette for children, who knows, future kamikazes... Banzai!!!

The toy had been on the shelves for a few years through the Takaratomy company, but was later taken off the market. It was called Kaba Kick, a name that was perhaps suggested by the kick it gave. Its mechanics were simple. The revolver had the shape of a pink hippo (nice!) and inside you could place the colourful ammunition. You would press it against your head, pull the trigger and... BANG! If it fired, you would lose; it it didn't, you would score.

Japanese things...

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