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Lev Yilmaz has created a fantastic series of stories about various aspects that are part of a relationship and the intricate web of feelings we go through in our love life. It is generally known that relationships have their ups and downs, marked by love-hate attitudes, but few people have actually tried to systematize and racionalize these very same happenings in a simple, easy to undertand, humorous story.

Lev has done it with every bit of mastery and a stricking simplicity, creating a series of tales called "Tales of Mere Existence", which deal with his own experiences with women. He mentions he doesn't really know what his initial reason was that made him do these stories, but he remembers the parties, the complaints of friends, the depressions in bars and he finally decided to document all of it in these fantastic videos. From the feelings we experience at the beginning of relationships, through the degradation of drifting apart, breaking up and making up all over again.

For those of you comfortable enough with the English language, delight yourselves with these two videos we have selected for you. Enjoy!

How to end a relationship

I won't think of her anymore

Lev Yilmaz

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