Nubrella, a different kind of umbrella

 Umbrella Rain Concept Design

We only appreciate it when it is raining; the rest of the time we find it an annoying and impractical accessory. The old umbrella isn't, in fact, functional and hasn't shown much of an evolution since its creation. Its thin ribs break or bend easily, its use requires wide spaces, the protection it offers is little to none in the presence of wind and you always need a hand to hold it (two if the wind is strong). But it doesn't have to be that way.

 Umbrella Rain Concept Design

The recently launched Nubrella introduces a new concept in rainwear. Basically, it's a foldable hat that is fixed upon the shoulders, leaving your hands free. Obviously, it doesn't replace the use of an overall coat or a waterproof coat, but, on its own, it offers a much more effective protection than the traditional umbrella. It can be closed into the shape of a bow, and can be easily carried around. Furthermore, its makers say that it is very effective in protecting its user against the wind and cold, creating a sort of termic bubble around the user's head.

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