Trade your wife for camels

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Morocco is in the heart of some of my closest friends, but I must confess I still haven't been convinced by adventure reports and promises of fantastic, natural landscapes. Either way, should you ever feel tempted to embark upon such a trip, there is nothing like going prepared for the hard bargaining the people in this land drive.

In Morocco, camels are extremely useful and valuable animals. Strong, resistent and extremely docile and excentric, as such, they are often used as currency for buying, among other things, a wife. As this might very well be the best deal of your life, don't forget to previously evaluate how much your wife is worth, using this price calculator. Quickly you'll know how many camels, goats and sheep your wife is worth.

In case you don't know, a camel is approximately worth 2000 euros and lives for about 23 years. :)

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