Massages for ocular fatigue decrease

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The intensive use of computer is a theme which starts worrying the most developed societies. In the last years, it highly increased the malefic ocular consequences caused by exhaustion. Once upon a time -- at least for some of us -- the cathode ray monitors (CRT) bombarded our eyes with a bunch of electrons. Although the popular "television" has always been connected to the computer, it seems that, luckily, we are going to an age with liquid crystal monitors and plasma (common in any portable computer).

However, if there is a clear evolution at the presentation of the information to the user, on the other hand we spend more time with the eyes fixed on websites and web applications which became vital tools and keep us more and more fixed to these devices. I realize that our online reality will not be just in our houses or offices, spreading out its constant presence in our daily life with the mobile world arrival.

Then, the proposition is the ability to contribute for the ocular fatigue decrease. Eyezone Massager was developed with Chinese acupuncture principles, massage techniques and magnetic therapy. According to the fabricant, using this device stimulates the circulation that invigorates the muscles and the surrounded tissues, easing symptoms and combating fatigue.

But I must confess that, although the cheap prize of it -- approximately $30 dollars --, I will not spend the money of a good dinner buying it. However, if somebody tries it and thinks it is worthy, please, tell me. More information here.

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