Saint Martin Airport

 Aircraft Airport Aviation Airplane Maarten Martin St Flight

Saint Martin is an island with around 87 Km2 of area, located in the Caribbean’s. In spite of its small size, it is shared by two nations, the Northern part belonging to France and the southern section belonging to the Netherlands. It is therefore called Sint Maarten, in Dutch. But these geographical peculiarities are not what makes this island special, but rather its famous Princess Juliana International Airport, known as SXM, on its Dutch side. This airport, aside from being used by large-scale airplanes, also has... a beach

Landings at this airport are unforgettable and frightening, especially if you happen to be on the beach. Out of the blue, beach-goers are likely to be surprised by a deafening sound and by powerful winds that shake the waters. At the same time, a colossal silhouette blocks the sun and passes through at only a few meters from the ground. Immediately after, a huge plane, such as a Boeing 747 Jumbo or an Airbus A340-300 touches the runway. Those who had been previously warned may have captured it all on a movie or a photograph. In only a few seconds it will all be over.

 Aircraft Airport Aviation Airplane Maarten Martin St Flight

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